The Families with Children from China Language Immersion and Culture Camp in China (LICC) is an intensive program sponsored by the Chinese Overseas Exchange Association (COEA) and coordinated by the Foundation for Chinese Cultural and Educational Exchanges in the USA (FCCEX) for internationally adopted Chinese children.

The first LICC crew!


This sign was posted in the hotel lobby on TV screens that reads as follows: “Welcome students and parents to the 2010 Chinese Language and Culture Summer Camp!”

Language Immersion and Culture Camp in Shanghai in the Peoples Republic of China!

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“My daughter participated in this camp during the summer of 2010.  She had a fabulous time exploring Qingdao with her fellow adoptees.  Language and cultural lessons were everywhere, in and outside of the classroom.  She came away with new friendships and memories of a stimulating adventure in learning.”          

-Norma, mother of Lauren

“My daughter and son went last summer and enjoyed it.  The 15 year old girls formed a cohort that made it particularly fun.  My son, age 18 at the time also had fun as one of the few guys.  They travelled on their own, with another friend, so no parents went with them - it was their first independent trip.  From a parents' perspective, it was well organized, and executed.”    

  1. -Madeline,

mother of Lillian and Ian