Superb! I am deeply grateful for what the Summer Tour has provided for the girls. They will take away wonderful memories, a deeper pride in their heritage, and a greater sense of whom they are. We appreciate the financial help as well for we could never all done this on our own.    
~ Nancy, mother of LiAnn


Must Bring Checklist

US passport with valid Chinese visa.
Photocopies of your child's original adoption papers in Chinese and English.
checkbox Children should bring a copy of their Chinese name in characters and in pinyin. Photocopy Chinese passport if name has not changed.
checkbox Several hostess gifts for Chinese family visit.
Small children's gifts (value of about $0.50 each). Ideally these will be something representing your geographic region (but not food). These gifts will be given to students when we visit schools. We try to combine gifts into "goodie" bags to distribute. Bring about twenty (20) total.
Camera and or video equipment along with film and extra batteries.
checkbox International electrical converters/adaptors (for 110V and 220V sockets) to recharge cameras, and other electronic devices.
Personal toiletries and medications. Keep prescription medications in their original container
Antidiarrheal medication
Antihistamine (such as Benadryl)
Band-Aids and antiseptic
Insect repellent
checkbox Facial tissues, antibacterial wipes or lotion
checkbox Small compact rolls of toilet paper (can be purchased at camping stores and large drug stores).
checkbox Small pump spray bottle that holds 2 or 3 oz. of water – will keep you cool all day.
checkbox Bandana -- soak with cool water and wear around your neck.
A supply of heavy-duty ponytail holders.
checkbox Cash for personal purchases.
Credit cards (take at least two) Be certain to notify those services of your international travel plans.
Luggage weighing less than 44 pounds per person on domestic flights. PACK LIGHT!


I'll remember hanging out with friends and going to the Great Wall of China! I hope
I can come next year.

~ Allie, 11, California


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