Superb! I am deeply grateful for what the Summer Tour has provided for the girls. They will take away wonderful memories, a deeper pride in their heritage, and a greater sense of whom they are. We appreciate the financial help as well for we could never all done this on our own.    
~ Nancy, mother of LiAnn


Preparation Checklist

Document Requirements

Checkbox Obtain or locate passports for all Heritage Tour participants. Very important! All passports must be valid for SIX (6) months beyond the dates of this trip.
Checkbox Child’s Chinese passport, in addition to valid American passport, is required by the PRC if this is the first return visit to China.
Checkbox Mail Application to China Heritage Tours with:
  Checkbox appropriate deposit and application fee
  Checkbox signed Waiver(s) of Liability
  Checkbox photocopies of the ID pages of each traveler’s valid US passport, and
  Checkbox a photocopy of the ID page of your child’s Chinese passport
Checkbox Wait to book airline tickets until confirmation of participation by tour contact person
Checkbox Forward all flight information to tour contact person.
Checkbox Prepare Chinese visa application(s) and apply.
Checkbox If only one parent is accompanying the adoptive child on this trip, the other parent must write a letter stating that he or she is aware that the traveling parent is leaving the country on the dates specified with the child and that they give permission for the travel. This letter must then be signed and notarized and carried with you during the trip. Failure to obtain and carry this document could result in denied access to international flights and/or entry to the PRC.
Checkbox Photocopies of your child's original adoption papers in Chinese and English.

Health Requirements


It is very important to be aware that this can be a physically strenuous trip. Summer weather in China is often extremely hot with high humidity. Access to many of China's most important and interesting sites is by foot and often requires extensive walking, sometimes uphill and/or on uneven ground. While some of the places we visit are indoors and air conditioned, many are by definition outdoor attractions such as the Great Wall, the gardens of Suzhou, or the Chengdu Panda Research Center, requiring considerable walking, hiking, and/or standing. Please note that unlike the USA, facilities for the disabled are not often readily available in China. Additionally, many days are very busy and completely filled with activities and travel. It is essential, therefore, to consult with your personal physician regarding your fitness prior to making a commitment to join the Heritage Tour, particularly if you have an concerns regarding your ability to fully participate.

If you have a pre-existing health condition that participation on this Tour could negatively impact or if you have other health restrictions, you must obtain a physician's note stating that you are physically able to participate.

Checkbox Check with your physician about personal medical needs and vaccinations as soon as your participation is confirmed. The following inoculations are normally recommended for travel to China: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Tetanus plus. Your physician may also recommend Typhoid pills.

Strongly Recommended


We very strongly advise and recommend that you purchase comprehensive medical and travel insurance prior to your departure. In the event that you or your family members become ill or injured prior to or during the trip, the trip or flights are cancelled, or you are substantially delayed, then medical and travel insurance, including evacuation coverage, is invaluable. Neither FCCEX nor COEA can or will assume financial responsibility for medical or transportation costs.

Additional Highly Recommended Travel Tips

Checkbox Call all credit card services you plan to use (take at least 2) and advise them of your international travel plans.
Checkbox Reconfirm international flights 72 hours before departure.
Checkbox If necessary, begin an aerobic exercise program at least six weeks before departure. Walking and stair climbing are both good activities.
Checkbox Start hydrating at least 72 hours before depart. This allows for better jet lag recovery and helps when it is hot. Adults should drink at least eight 8oz. glasses of water per day and children at least six 8oz. glasses
Checkbox Stop mail and newspaper delivery. Provide for pet care.
Checkbox Arrange for transportation to the airport and from the airport to your home upon your return.
Checkbox Once in China, carry some Chinese currency for taxi to hotel if necessary. Otherwise, hotels usually offer a decent exchange rate. Be sure to keep all exchange receipts. At the end of the trip you can convert your Chinese currency back to US currency.




A most valuable experience... I remember the kindness and gracious attitude from all the COEA staff and tour guides. COEA is wonderful to extend this life experience to our children. My daughter learned so much about her roots, and I hope she has the desire to continue her cultural experiences. I appreciate all the planning and hard work by all the COEA members.

~ Tomita, mother from California



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