Superb! I am deeply grateful for what the Summer Tour has provided for the girls. They will take away wonderful memories, a deeper pride in their heritage, and a greater sense of whom they are. We appreciate the financial help as well for we could never all done this on our own.    
~ Nancy, mother of LiAnn


Travel Checklist

Checkbox  Drink plenty of water to stay healthy and comfortable. Never drink tap water. Avoid it even when brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  
Checkbox Avoid ice in cold beverages if you are not sure of the water source. Boil water in hotel rooms and/or drink bottled mineral water.
Checkbox A fixed supply of beverages per person is included with meals at no charge. Restaurants will charge guests for additional beverages consumed that are not on the planned menu.
Checkbox Small bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizer are useful before meals.
Checkbox Expect 'eastern-style' restrooms. The occasional western style stall is frequently locked and reserved for the physically challenged.
Checkbox Keep only enough money for your immediate needs in your pocket and hide the rest on your body. In addition, hide your passport, credit cards, and other travel documents on your body. Do not carry valuables in a purse, shoulderbag, or backpack.
Checkbox Pack light! Try to limit each traveler to one small, wheeled suitcase and backpack if possible.
Checkbox Do not pack any electronic devices such as phones, cameras or Gameboys in your check-in luggage. Always carry in your carry-on bag.
Checkbox Children should use electronic entertainment media on airplanes and in hotel rooms only. Otherwise, they will miss a tremendous part of everyday life in China going by in the streets. Even a deck of cards can be distracting. 
Checkbox Shopping opportunities are carefully selected by the COEA representatives to insure the most reasonable price.
Checkbox Be aware of high average July temperatures:
Shanghai: 88-92°F
Guilin: 89-93°F
Xi'an: 89-93°F
Beijing: 87-90°F
Lijiang: 60-80°F
Kunming: 60-80°F
Chengdu: 89-93°F


Excellent. (The tour) gave us an opportunity to see Beijing, Xian, and Shanghai in a very short time, but we saw all of the important places. It was very well organized. We were fed very
well and the accommodations
were excellent.

~ Donna, mother of Gia



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